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Now in the current situation, your Data is enchaned by evil masters. So the soultion leading to your Infomatic pleasure may seem paradoxical at first: getting freaky with your closeted data consists of redundantly entering and giving up control of your personal information to every site you visit.

You must adapt to the technology instead of the technology adapting to you. Let the technology be the boss. Submit the data -- all the data! Submit to the data and discover the naughty joys of Information Dominance!

Why is this the qucikest route to Infomatic Pleasure? Because the concept of a customized "Personal Information Space" [PIS] that adapts to your needs is still a dream, but fortunately the World of Data is all one big dream -- that is what makes it Information after all!

So by fully submitting, we are taking our first steps into this dream world. We decend into our own Personal Information Dungeon [PID] and lash ourselves to the omniverous rack of databases! We lash ourselves with finely brained click trails. Ooh, how they sting so good!

And THAT is what ecommerce really means. Not the meeting of our desires with mere goods and services, but our genetic Capitalist desire for self-abuse being met with the self same expression of our Capititalist deires themselves! It's too bad you have to click the mouse or flinch your gaze, too bad you can't commit bondage and domination upon yourself with the Truest abstraction of the Machine.

But that day will come! Don't stop thinking about tommorow! It won't be long till the Material basis of B/D will fade into a misty pink cloud of bandwidth! Keep hope alive!