oh yeah, right there, information is your most valuable resource, oh god you know it, you know what to do, don't miss your appointments, always be on time, on time! oh yes! infrared data transfer, oooh you know how to make me hot, oh such a product line, such a directory system

[Yes, tell me more about my file structure]

oh baby, you know how to concatenate, your subdirectories are sooo deep, mmmm, i like deep directories, you wanna give me a subdirectory all to myself, don't you, mmm yeah, and a rational name scheme, so strong, so straightforward

[And my network - what about my network]

ooh your network architecture, it's so efficient, so elegant, it goes everywhere and never ever stops, uh huh, oh yeah, oh yeah, with all those fat pipes going into all those ports, ooh oooh oooooo -

##endStrg DEV76-010 SENOR bossa 3.14754634